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Commercial Dipstick Project


Isuzu Commercial Vehicles came to BSL requiring a solution to leave the cab in a fixed position to complete daily fluid checks and produce a vibration proof dipstick. Our teams worked hand in hand on the health and safety project for several weeks to produce the prototype that addressed the issues and even led to zero warranty claims in 2 years since the project started.

The Problem

  • Initially, issues were raised by fleet managers regarding the effort required to tip the cab daily for its drivers. 
  • A secondary problem was engine vibration causing fatigue to the existing metal dipstick pipe and assembly that was already on version 2. Changing the broken dipstick tube entailed a 6-8 hour garage fix.

The Request

  • Isuzu requested to find a solution that would reduce the risk of injury by tipping the cab more frequently than the service schedule requirement from Isuzu.
  • They also asked our team to produce a dipstick assembly that would be resistant to the engine vibration and would eliminate the need for daily cab tipping to check oil levels.

The Solution

  • BSL worked with Isuzu on different ways to alleviate the issues raised. Several prototypes were manufactured and tested under usual daily conditions for the vehicle and driver
  • Eventually, we introduced a PVC-based outer tube which absorbed the damaging frequencies the vehicle produced. The dipstick handle was mounted at the rear of the cab to enable oil level check without tipping the cab

Our Impact

The impact of BSL’s prototype are as follows:

6-8 hour repair costs eliminated

Uptime for commercial vehicles improved.

Inconvenience of breakdown removed.

Awarded a second dipstick.

Proved in the UK, Europe to follow.

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