Here’s To The Future And Our New Website

New Website

We are a Birmingham-located engineering firm, who specialise in manufacturing precision presswork and assemblies and producing pressings, stampings, brackets, fixings, clips, clamps and dipsticks – offering you perfectly bespoke manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries, such as mining, construction, medical and automotive sectors.

During what has been a turbulent time over the past few months, we wanted to stay operating as normally as possible and to strive forwards, continuing to offer our valued customers and prospects the products that they need and deserve.

It was important for us to find opportunity during adversity and as part of remaining positive, we felt that it was the perfect time to reassess and craft a new brand and website, designed to give our visitors a unique, informative and engaging online experience, especially in an industry where precision is everything.

Out With The Old

The team at Birmingham Specialities is super excited to launch our new website with the aim to create something simple and easy to use for our customers, containing all the information you need.

Old Website

Our previous website served us well for a number of years and it was a fantastic tool to offer our services to new and existing clients, but the future calls! We felt that the online experience could be more seamless, engaging and pleasing to the eye so a complete digital refresh was very much welcomed.

In With The New

As you can see, we’ve gone for a clean and simple look and the new design has given users a much easier navigation experience, helping you find exactly what you’re after as efficiently as possible.

New Website

To give our website visitors a clear and concise experience, we’ve split the website into two sections: products we currently offer and products we are capable of producing. This means that we already have a selection of off-the-shelf products as well as the ability to manufacture bespoke products based on your unique requirements.

Our Products

We currently offer a wide range of products that are suitable for many industries. These include CNC machined components, sub-assemblies and fabrication, clips, tags and dipsticks, which all have their own dedicated page on our new website.

Precision Pressings New Page

These uniquely branded pages are here to give our customers all they need to know about our products, the materials that we have on offer and the features they come with. The aim is to offer them all the information they need to make a decision and we want to make this process as easy and as enjoyable as possible. With our new website, we feel it ticks every box.

Our Capabilities

We’ve also made a section showing you exactly what we are able to produce to your specification.


We are confident we can meet and exceed your bespoke project requirements, whether it’s presswork, tool design, finishing or fabrication, we’ll have the solution for you.

The Future Of Birmingham Specialities

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a lot of uncertainty in our industry, but we’ve taken this time to look to the future of our business and make some improvements we feel our clients will directly benefit from. We are delighted to report business is very healthy and we are looking forward to working with new and existing clients.

How Can We Help You?

We’ve now made it even easier for you to get in touch with us and each page contains our email, phone number and a link to our enquiry form, meaning you can speak with a member of our friendly team within a matter of seconds. We understand how important it is for you to be able to contact us with a quick question, even when you’re out of the office and need our help. Our new website is also mobile-optimised, meaning it’s even easier to navigate on the go as well as on your desktop computer.

If you have any questions or would like to chat with a member of our team about your project, please don’t hesitate on giving us a call on 0121 356 5026 or email us – we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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