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Please Note: We have a minimum order charge of £250 on all orders

Our presswork design and manufacturing service sits at the centre of our offering, and our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in serving multiple industries with standard and bespoke presswork alike.

Our range of sub-assembly equipment and processes means that even the most complex components can be produced fully assembled and ready to be used in your parts.

Through implementing innovative technologies, adopting energy-efficient practices, and investing in renewable energy sources, we are dedicated to making a significant positive impact on the environment.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering Solutions

At Birmingham Specialities, customers turn to us when they are looking for specific & challenging pneumatic & hydraulic pressed components within their budgets and timeframes.

As an established company manufacturing pressing, stamping and complex sub-assemblies, along with more than ten years of deep sector knowledge and experience, we are able to solve problems quickly. We can also meet customer demands and expectations due to our flexibility and expertise.

Bespoke Designs and Development

At our workshop, we can assist you in the development and design of products that will work for your individual project. With our skillset, we are able to provide tailored solutions that you can rely on and manufacture pressings in a variety of materials, depending on the application that they are designed for.

Dedicated Manufacturing Facilities

Regardless of the scale of your project, we have two independent manufacturing facilities in the UK that are dedicated to ensuring that we can meet your production requirements.

Our expertise makes us the ideal choice for lighting companies throughout the UK for their lighting product needs. Our years of experience in producing top-quality metal pressing and stampings have allowed us to offer commercial lighting housing solutions to leading lighting manufacturers in the UK.

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