Indutrade is an international technology and industrial business group, bringing together over 200 companies across 6 continents. They are committed to promoting entrepreneurship, decentralisation and long-term success, as exemplified by their ownership and endorsement of Birmingham Specialities LTD.

The Indutrade Group

Indutrade was established in 1978, and is now firmly established as an international conglomerate. Having acquired more than 200 businesses in over 30 countries, they have an unmatched approach to business, development and corporate responsibility. Their strong vision, ethos and culture permeates everything that they do, including their prioritisation of connection and collaboration, stemming from their people-first approach. 

Businesses within The Indutrade Group are chosen for their technical knowledge, industry expertise and their ability to consistently form productive, enduring relationships with customers and suppliers alike. 

Birmingham Specialities LTD joined Indutrade in 2014. With their strength, support and experienced network, we have perfected our offering. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of precision engineering, offering a comprehensive list of services from presswork/stampings and press tooling manufacture to CNC machined components. Connecting with businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe allows us to stand out from the competition, and thrive within a diverse network that offers mutually beneficial opportunities for support, advice, learning and advancement. 


Indutrade is a strong, driven organisation, dedicated to developing and improving the businesses they have acquired through their tried and tested approach to acquisition and management. At Birmingham Specialties, we employ this same passion and focus as we strive to provide newer and better services, using the latest technologies and developments in every area of the business, from manufacturing to administration. Our clients are at the heart of everything that we do, and the support of Indutrade allows us to focus on the people that truly matter, and nurture the culture that defines us. 


Indutrade is a decentralised organisation, and so each individual business maintains their independence, original management and unique selling point. Joining the group is an opportunity to thrive and develop, with systems in place to take businesses to greater heights. Birmingham Specialties has benefited enormously from their partnership and trust, while maintaining the freedom and flexibility that allows us to prioritize our colleagues, customers and clients, as we continue to protect the interests of those closest to us. 

Long-Term Success

The Indutrade Group defines success as sustainable profitability and growth that benefits individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. The businesses they acquire are responsibly managed, in marketable positions, with technical expertise and environmental responsibility. Birmingham Specialties was noticed for our unwavering commitment to such practices, and our relationship with Indutrade has helped us to surpass our goals in all of these areas, and set the standard for the industry. 

What Does Choosing An Indutrade Business Mean For You? 

Birmingham Specialties has almost 100 years of experience in precision engineering, established in 1926. We have not only stood the test of time, but thrived. With dual locations in Birmingham, stringent quality control, specialist staff and the continued support of a global organisation, we are confident in both ourselves and our successes. Moreover, we firmly believe that we can provide cutting edge, high quality services for clients across all industries. 

We offer longevity and quality because of the connections that we have fostered across the globe. Being endorsed by Indutrade means that we can invest in our team members, provide relevant training, use the newest advancements in technology and adopt a unique management structure, as we have unimpeded access to stability and financial support. In recent years this backing has allowed us to increase our manufacturing space by 40%, having invested in a new 18,000 square feet manufacturing facility. 

Contact Us Today

At Birmingham Specialities, we are always available to help and support in any way that we can. If you would like to discuss your precision engineering requirements or are interested in learning more about The Indutrade Group, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our friendly team is only a phone call, or an email, away, and can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us today by phoning 0121 356 5026 or emailing

Indutrade UK Companies

Adaero Precision Components Ltd

Manufacturer of high precision components, engineered to customer specifications

ALH Systems

Specialist polymers and mechanical products for the gas, construction, electronics and telecoms industries

Bailey Morris Limited

The leading propshaft manufacturer and component distributor in the UK

Ellard Ltd

Manufacturer and distributor of door, gate, access control and blind automation products

Flowstop Ltd

Experts in the design and production of specialist flowstopping bags for the gas, water and sewage industries

Irvine Springs

Leading manufacturer and designer of springs for a variety of industries across the globe

Micro Spring & Presswork Company Ltd

A cutting-edge, industry-accredited stamping and spring manufacturer

Milltech Precision Engineering Ltd

A specialist precision subcontract CNC machining business with sub and full assembly facilities

Natgraph Ltd

Founded in 1980 and has since established itself as a key player in the Industrial Printing market globally

Pipe Equipment Specialists Ltd

A major supplier and hirer of equipment to the world wide pipe and cable laying market

Precision Products (UK) Ltd

Manufacturer and supplier of piston rings and metallic seals to marine and industrial markets worldwide

Sunflower Medical Ltd

UK’s leading manufacturer of healthcare furniture

Trelawny SPT Ltd

Manufacturer of Surface Preparation Tools for the Construction, Marine and Oil & Gas industries

Verplas Limited

One of the UK’s leading ventilation ducting manufacturers

Weldability Sif

Trusted supplier of equipment and training for the welding industry

Young Black Industrial Stapling Ltd

Distributors of industrial fastening equipment