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Stainless Steel
Mild Steel

Metal Pressings

From our well-placed, centrally located Birmingham workshop, we have the experience, in-house tooling design and manufacturing equipment and time served knowledge to develop high quality pressings in a wide range of materials, and have done so since we opened our doors for numerous industry sectors.

P Clips and Tube Clips

Our clips have been designed and developed in house to ensure you can find the quality and accuracy you need whatever the nature of your application. We manufacture and stock a wide range of clips, including P-Clips and Tube Clips for use on hydraulic and pneumatic installations.

p clips

Pipe, Tube and Saddle Clamps

We manufacture and stock a wide range of clamps, including pipe clamps and tube clamps for use on hydraulic and pneumatic installations.

Steel Brackets for Construction

When it comes to construction, stability is paramount. Our steel brackets are engineered to provide the necessary support and ensure the safety of your structures. With our top-quality brackets, you can confidently undertake any construction project.

Sustainability in Manufacturing

Solar Panel Brackets

We produce high-quality riveted brackets that are specifically engineered for secure and reliable mounting of solar panels, ensuring optimal performance and long-lasting durability in solar energy systems.



We have been designing and developing dipsticks since we opened our doors, and thanks to our use of the latest and greatest technologies and techniques, our experienced engineers are able to deliver exceptional quality whatever your requirements.

Metal Tags

Our metal product tags are simple but durable, to ensure they stay secure and identification is always possible. We manufacture our identification tags in a number of quality assured materials, including aluminium, brass and steel.


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