Metal Stampings and Forming

Our presswork design and manufacturing service sits at the centre of our offering, and our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in serving multiple industries with standard and bespoke presswork alike.

Pressing to Perfection

For many years now we have delivered unrivalled presswork and metal forming capabilities, and from our Birmingham based headquarters we continue to supply the quality and precision that you and other professionals servicing customers in other market sectors need to a high specification and at the most competitive price point.

Bespoke Metal Pressings

At Birmingham Specialities, we offer a vast selection of bespoke metal stampings and precision-engineered components and are currently based centrally in our Birmingham workshop.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to design your required components and make use of our state-of-the-art in-house tooling design and manufacturing equipment, which develops high-quality pressings in a wide range of materials.

We have multiple pressing tools for endless applicational uses, so whatever your project is, we have the correct tooling and ability to be able to create your unique project that requires pressed metal and metal stampings.

Our dedicated team is on hand to offer advice on materials, processes and finishes for all pressed metal and metal stampings and their applications.

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More About The Process

The force applied to shape the metal is measured in tonnes or kilonewtons and metal presswork requires a vast amount of force to shape metal, such as alloy, steel and copper, because of the thickness and durability of the material. Our machines are capable of up to 125 tonnes, which is high enough to form any type of metal forming.

Press machines come in a variety of sizes and shapes for various applications, such as hydraulic, mechanical, excenter and folding (foot brake). Many modern metal press machines can also cut and punch as well as press. This was once a separate tool, but combining the two has made the manufacturing process more efficient.

Many sheet metal fabrications shops will have multiple press machines for everything from intricate metal parts in children’s toys, all the way to internal engine parts for commercial aviation applications. Pressed metal is everywhere in your daily life; the majority of the panels on your car will be pressed metal as will parts of your white goods in your home!

Generally, sheet metal fabricators have at least one machine press in their arsenal of machinery. They are well used in every industry and application and we have a vigorous quality control process ensuring everything we do exceeds our client expectations.

Your Specific Requirements

Our many years of sheet metal forming means we are able to complete any kind of stamping quantity in a variety of materials, length, width and shape formation. We offer large and small batch production from our centrally-based, fully-equipped West Midlands workshop in Birmingham.

Our team has many years of experience working with every metal presswork process. The capacity of our 125-tonne machines and experienced and dedicated staff ensure everything from planning to delivering the final result is efficient and you achieve your pressed metal goals. We’ve never had to turn a presswork job down.

Unrivalled Quality And Capabilities

Upholding quality is high on the agenda whether you are looking for metal presswork or bespoke precision components for more specialist requirements. Thanks to our extensive in-house tooling design and manufacturing capabilities, we can not only provide a highly flexible service and rapid delivery, but ensure the highest quality standards are maintained every step of the way for your pressed metal project.

All of our products, including our metal pressings and precision components, are accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2015. By using the newest technologies and latest techniques, we can achieve unrivalled quality and provide access to world-leading presswork capabilities for all industrial applications.

How can Birmingham Specialities
help you?

Our fully-committed and passionate team of engineers and head office staff is always on hand to offer advice on materials, processes and finishes for all metal presswork and their applications, all based on bespoke requirements set by yourself.

We can also provide you with a quote and lead times based on your specific requirements and we always welcome the opportunity to be able to fulfil your metal pressing needs so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements by calling us on 0121 356 5026. We hope to hear from you soon!


A metal presswork machine is a tool that punches a metal workpiece with great pressure. The tool is placed under the machine’s upper part of the press, which hits the sheet metal and the final workpiece is formed from the pressure.

Presswork machines have been used since the very start of the industrial revolution and became popular for making parts of canal boats, machinery and fixtures for houses and commercial buildings for hundreds of years.

The principles of a metal press machine haven’t changed at all, but the technology has. We now use complex computer-guided hydraulic presses with multiple cutting tools built-in, where once simple weighted presses were used to shape metal. The accuracy and precision of modern metal presswork machines is unmatched.

The lower part of the pressing machine contains the other side of the tool which is the reverse copy of the upper piece of the tool.

Once the press has shaped the metal, it can then be removed and a new piece of metal can be inserted to shape exactly the same. Many machines are capable of performing 500+ cycles per minute for metal presswork, making it a very economical and efficient way of shaping metal.

Many larger manufacturers in the automotive and technology industries use metal presswork as their preferred option for creating their products as once the initial design has been approved and a final product is created, the tooling and materials do not change. This means that the 1000th shaped metal part will be exactly the same as the first.

In other industries, such as aviation, having a benchmark that is adhered to that is millimetre-perfect is paramount to the safety and use of the part. Any custom tooling is kept here at our Birmingham workshop, where a single part can be created for many years. We check tolerances of tooling, so your desired part is always perfect.