Sub Assemblies, Switchgear Systems and Fabrication

We are an industry-leading and trusted partner and manufacturer for sub assemblies, switchgear systems and fabrications for a vast variety of industries and customers, such as rail partners, power generation and electrical markets, commercial vehicles and engines, thermal technologies and mining and construction sectors.


In addition to providing the standard and bespoke metal pressings and metal presswork required for your specific application, our professional services extend to delivering metal assemblies.

We can craft metal assemblies that meet your exact specifications. Our range of sub assemblies, switchgear systems, fabrications and finishing equipment mean that the most complex components can be prepared for their integration into parent products.

Delivering the complete product

Supported by a wide range of supplementary operations to ensure delivery of product complete and on-time.

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From concept to completion

During the production process of metal sub assemblies, we are able to support you with every step of the process from end-to end, but our expert service doesn’t stop there. We are able to help with sub-assembly services, fabrications and much much more to deliver a comprehensive component that is made for your unique needs and ready for use right away.

Our in-house designers are the first step in the production process and they have specialist access and experience of using top-class industry systems and technologies, such as CAD systems, solidworks 3D and EDM, to not only provide you with expert design, manufacturing and maintenance, but to do so like no other. You can then select a component to suit your needs from either our standard range or you may choose one of our more bespoke designs to suit you.

Delivered on time and on budget

Effective capacity planning is one of our top priorities throughout the entire process and our efficient manufacturing control systems enable us to provide a ready-to-use component on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards, regardless of whether you require a small batch or a large production run.

Our core value is to achieve optimum efficiency and effectiveness, which is made easy thanks to the seamless link between our sub assembly and finishing facilities. Our individual metal sub assemblies are made fully compatible before the complete component is delivered to you for use.

How can Birmingham Specialities
help you?

Our on-hand, expert team of engineers and head office members are always available to offer advice on materials, assembly processes, all bespoke to the requirements set by you.

We can also provide you with a quote and lead times based on your specific requirements and we always welcome the opportunity to be able to fulfil your sub assembly, fabrication and switchgear needs so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements by calling us on 0121 356 5026. We hope to hear from you soon!


A sub-assemby is the production of numerous machined or pressed components destined for integration into a single unit or parent product and these components will form one part of a larger and more complex assembly.

Here at Birmingham Specialities Ltd, we utilise several hand and machine sub assemblies and finishing techniques to ensure metal assemblies of varying materials are of the highest quality. Our team of expert engineers use a number of processes to craft the perfect component, including stud and nut insertion, spin and orbital riveting, brazing and welding, mechanical deburring and drilling and tapping.

Stud and nut insertion in particular is a very cost-effective and efficient manufacturing support solution, which is ideal for the fixing of sheet metal components without the need for fabrication. Stud insertion is an excellent option for parts that don’t suit the welding process or for parts that need to be separated at a later date.

In an electric power system, a switchgear system is composed of electrical disconnect switches, fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment. Thus, switchgear systems have two key components:

Power-conducting Components

Power-conducting components will conduct or interrupt the power flow. Examples of these include switches, circuit breakers, fuses, isolators, lighting arrestors and relays.

Control Systems

Control systems will monitor, protect and control any power-conducting components, such as transformers, associated circuitry, and control panels.

Switchgear systems can be set up to a supply system and depending on the voltage level, they can be seen as low, medium or high voltage switchgear systems.